Falcon Athletic Boosters Club


We operate two concession stands at SPHS - one in the outdoor stadium and one outside the main gym for indoor events. We also have a mobile cart that serves outdoor events outside of the stadium (baseball, softball, bocce, turf 2). All proceeds from concessions sales benefit Falcon Athletic Boosters Club and individual team Boosters accounts. In addition to being a fundraiser for SPHS athletics, concessions serves as a popular amenity for our fans.

  • Our goal is to be open for all home athletic events
  • Parent and student volunteers are needed for every event
  • No prior training is needed
  • All time volunteered benefits the team of your choice. For 2023, the payout for volunteers was calculated at $15/hr. For example, if you worked for 2 hours in Concessions, you would earn $30 towards whichever team account you wish. Stand Managers earn an EXTRA $25 for their team of choice on top of the $15/hr. 

To volunteer, visit our Volunteer Sign Ups page.

To view or change your volunteer sign ups, log in here.

If you have questions contact

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